Synthesis of Cr/Ge Nanowires By way of CVD


Chemical vapor deposition was used to kind nanostructured coatings incorporating varied forms of nanoscale supplies akin to non-uniform particles, nanoballs, and nanowires in a research printed within the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.

Examine: Chemical vapor deposition of germanium-rich CrGex nanowires. Picture Credit score: cybrain/

Analytic exams revealed that the layer, in contrast to particles and nanoballs consisting of crystal germanium, was composed of chromium germanide CrGex. The nanowires have an advanced structure, consisting of a slender crystal germanium heart and a non-crystalline CrGex masking.

Metallic Silicides and Germanides

Metallic silicides and germanides are a well-studied class of compounds with a broad vary of traits which may be used to go well with a lot of wants in electrical, optics, and digital functions, in addition to for catalysis. Moreover, they’re appropriate with silicon-based tech, which is useful.

The rising demand for stylish options within the info expertise, aeronautical, chemical, and energy distribution sectors has spurred the hunt for revolutionary supplies which may be used alongside established merchandise or maybe even substitute them as a result of their superior bodily and chemical options.

Nonetheless, whereas work on a number of metallic silicides is at present ongoing, researchers are solely getting began with germanides. Although silicon and germanium, each group IV components, have comparable chemical and bodily options, their thermodynamic traits counsel that their metallic alloys would behave otherwise on a elementary degree. Because of this, germanides as silicide equivalents are quickly changing into a spotlight of current research.

 (a) SEM picture of a Cr/Ge deposit with nanowires (b) rising in a tapering method.

Recap of Pre-existing Analysis

Earlier research have examined the thermodynamic traits of chromium germanide CrGex. Diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) alloys have been found to exhibit distinct magnetic traits.

For the optimum integration with silicon-based functions, silicon or germanium each symbolize an acceptable possibility for DMS chromium alloys. However the precipitate formation of transition metals is the foremost hindrance; nevertheless, precipitate formation is enormously decreased in small-dimensional semiconductors.

Because of this, CrGe nanowires (NWs) have been created to analyze their magnetic irregularities and engagement with charged particles. Electron spin resonance was utilized in one research to investigate antiferromagnetic teams in CrGe NWs. The spin–orbital engagement of cost carriers and magnetic irregularities have additionally been investigated just lately.

CrGe nano-towers have been created as weak magnetic semiconductors too. One analysis examined the magnetic traits and analyzed the rising course of. One other research seemed on the creation of CrGe nanoparticles through the epitaxial improvement of CrGe movies, in addition to their magnetic traits, to raised grasp the habits of ferromagnetic semiconductors.

(a, c) Darkish-field HRTEM photographs, (b) SAED of a nanowire piece, and (d) HRTEM picture of a NW prime piece with magnified crystalline core and a decided d-spacing of 0.326 nm. The dark-field picture corresponds to an indicated diffraction spot within the SAED picture. Diffuse circles and particular person factors point out the amorphous coating and crystalline germanium, respectively.

Issue in Measuring Conductivity of Nanowires

Many efforts have been made to check the conductance of singular nanowires by transferring them onto contact lithography platforms. The nanowires, sadly, proved to be brittle and received broken after they have been tried to be eliminated off the tungsten tip utilizing a concentrated ionic beam. Because of this, a method for straight contacting in-situ a grown singular NW was devised by the staff. 

Researchers managed to measure the conductance between the purpose of contact of the tungsten tip and the substrate with the NW utilizing this method.

Development Mechanism of CrGex Nanowires

CrGex NWs kind with out the necessity for any extrinsic seed, by a self-catalysis course of. Typically, the formation of a nanowire should first be began in self-catalytic nanowire formation.

Crystallized germanium nanoballs which have been grown on the floor act as beginning factors for the expansion of nanowires. The nanoball’s oxidized exterior coating acts as an additional resistive part within the NW deposition system.

Essential Findings of the Analysis

The staff created coatings that includes CrGex nanowires through CVD. The intricate elemental make-up was calculated, the microstructure was decided, and resistivity assessments of singular nanowires have been carried out and described within the paper. These analyses demonstrated the impression of the deposit’s structure on NW formation.

CrGex has some favorable thermoelectric qualities, nevertheless, it seems that its magnetic attribute has higher potential. Because of this, additional magnetic and electrical analysis is required. Germanium-rich CrGe supplies are thought of weak magnetized semiconductors which have been extensively researched for potential magnetic, electrical, optomagnetic, and related functions.

The fabrication of CrGe compounds as nanowires affords up prospects for fine-tuning the magnetic traits of germanium wealthy CrGe nanomaterials. Moreover, as in comparison with easy constructions, the intricate structure of the developed NWs permits for thorough engineering of NW traits through sure technical procedures akin to etching, thermal annealing, and doping to acquire, for instance, catalytic NWs with massive particular areas or hole nanosized cables appropriate for surgical magnetic transport.

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Dřínek, V., Tiagulskyi, S. et al. (2021). Chemical vapor deposition of germanium-rich CrGex nanowires. Beilstein J. Nanotechnol., 12, 1365–1371. Obtainable at:

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