Structural peculiarities of lysozyme-graphene oxide adsorption complexes: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0



Lysozyme adsorption complexes with graphene oxide (GO) and decreased GO have been studied by way of radiotracer technique utilizing tritium as a label. The experiment consists of adsorption research, with quantity and enzymatic exercise management, and revealing structural peculiarities of lysozyme adsorbed on graphene oxide floor by evaluation of tritium distribution within the amino acid residues after the bombardment with atomic tritium. Experimental and molecular docking outcomes instructed that lysozyme adsorbs straight on GO by formation of bonds between GO floor and Cys6 and Arg128 that contribute to formation conformation, through which fragrant residues types π-π bonds with GO floor, and positively charged amino acid residues bind with O-containing teams of GO by way of electrostatic attraction. Within the follow-up layers lysozyme molecules work together with one another that end in adjustments and adsorbed lysozyme molecules leading to adjustments in protein construction. Such adjustments aren’t critically vital however result in enhance of availability of an energetic website of the enzyme for binding with a substrate after the desorption from the multilayer.


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