Hydration kinetics of cementitious supplies primarily based on low-field NMR and isothermal calorimetry: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0



The Krstulovic-Dabic (KD) hydration kinetic mannequin is commonly used to check the hydration mechanism of cement-based supplies. Primarily based on this mannequin, isothermal calorimetry is normally to check the hydration kinetics of cementitious supplies, and the obtained information can describe the hydration course of nicely. On this paper, low-field NMR was used to watch the hydration means of cementitious supplies, and the outcomes have been in contrast with that obtained by isothermal calorimetry. The outcomes confirmed that KD mannequin was additionally appropriate for Low-field NMR. And the outcomes of the low-field NMR have been in step with these of the isothermal calorimetry, each proving that the hydration levels of the PC and C3S have been NG-I-D and NG-D, respectively. The distinction was that low-field NMR displayed a sooner hydration price than isothermal calorimetry, which led to a shorter length of D course of. This phenomenon could also be resulting from the truth that low-field NMR (1H in free water) and isothermal calorimetry (hydration warmth) are primarily based on completely different sign sources, and the water consumption price is quicker than warmth variation price within the early hydration interval. In abstract, low-field reveals excessive effectiveness in characterizing the hydration kinetic means of cementitious supplies.


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