Floor modification of graphene sheets with aluminum phthalocyanine complicated: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0



The work was carried out in response to authorities project no. 075-00328-21-00 and inside the state project of IBCP RAS (theme No. 01201253304). The authors thank Asya M. Afzal (IMET RAS, Moscow) for preparation of graphene suspensions.

Authors contribution

Inna V. Klimenko: Proposing an thought and purpose setting, writing of the offered manuscript, making ready reagents for the experiment, synthesis of hybrid constructions, offering a pool of instrumental strategies, investigation of the obtained suspensions utilizing optical absorption spectroscopy methodology, interpretation of the outcomes, graphic design of the submitted manuscript, making ready manuscript for publication. Elena A. Trusova: Improvement of a way for preparation of graphene suspensions, group of experiment, taking part within the interpretation of the outcomes obtained, proposal of a mechanism for the hybrid floor complicated formation, writing a manuscript, graphic design of the submitted manuscript and making ready it for publication. Alexander N. Shchegolikhin: Investigation of the graphene suspension utilizing vibrational spectroscopy strategies. Anton V. Lobanov: Participation in purpose setting, participation within the growth of preparation methodology, making ready reagents for the experiment. Lyubov V. Jurina: DLS research of the graphene suspension.


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