Excessive thermal conductivity and low leakage section change supplies crammed with three-dimensional carbon fiber community: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0



As some of the efficient power storage compounds, section change supplies (PCMS) play an vital position in power conservation and storage. Nonetheless, the inherent poor thermal conductivity and liquid leakage of PCMS significantly restrict their sensible utility. Polyethylene glycol·calcium chloride (PEG·CaCl2) section change supplies crammed with three-dimensional carbon fiber community have been ready by liquid section impregnation and sizzling urgent molding technique. The experimental outcomes present that carbon fiber community (CF felt) and PEG·CaCl2 complicated construction improve the thermal conductivity and stability. The in-plane thermal conductivity of PEG·CaCl2/CF composite (47.73% carbon content material) is 0.97 W/mK, about 103% larger than that of PEG. PEG·CaCl2/CF composite doesn’t current leakage even heating at 80 °C for 45 min (35 °C larger than the melting level of pure PEG), displaying low leakage potential. Excessive thermal conductivity, low leakage and low density of this composite counsel a promising route for thermal storage purposes.


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