Carbon nano-clustering introducing quantum administration: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0



Aiming to resolve/reply the mist of the carbon-networking disaster by the current and foreseen international turbulences, both of financial, bionic, or ecologic nature, one could advance the subsequent degree strategy to the cluster-to-metacluster of nano-technology mutagenesis: astralisation. Considered as the brand new symmetrical/asymmetrical based mostly openness, it surpasses the worldwide limits of networking “contagion” by extending its boundaries in area, time and vitality; truly, it extensively makes use of the quantum current and yet-to-come carbon-nanoscience, expertise and challenges to be able to design the knowledge and substance synthesis on the distance as transmitted in nano-instances by activating particular potential of matter (industrial) and know-how (organizational): wave-functions and ordering diploma mixed in what it may be referred to as because the strategic quantum administration; it primarily describes how the activation of a nano-potential of a waving-system propagates(processes) and rework (taking-observable-form)by way of quantum-pairing of metaclusters –into the clusters (fullerenic packing), meta-clusters (through graphenic kind of packing, Stone-Wales rotations included), and astralons (analogs of everted nanotubes’ packing, e.g., Klein-Bottle); first strategic projection and patterning can also be given when it comes to a proposed chart of astralisation standards and of related composite index as utilized on recognized 8-folded methods of glocal (global-local) nano-ecolo-management.


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